Friday, 22 May 2015

Being nice costs nothing...

People in this world are so quick to judge, and often we get so wound up in our own state of mind that we forget that the people we walk past every day absentmindedly are the same as us, people who are getting on with their own lives day to day. To this day it still boggles my brain as to how some people can be so careless when talking to someone, whether they know that person or not. I live by the quote 'treat others as you would like to be treated'. I see horrible comments all the time online and I think it's got a lot worse since Twitter and Facebook etc came about, it's happening so much now that I think some people almost consider it 'cool' to sit tapping away on a keyboard and fire vile comments at an individual. (I'm sat here rambling on I know) I guess this post is just me trying to say that I find it upsetting to see people that I love and care about getting hurt by people that they may or may not know. The important thing to do in this situation is to make sure that they know they have a shoulder to cry on. At the end of the day, they're going to feel a lot less alone, and you're going to feel a lot better in yourself.. I know that that doesn't make all the pain instantly disappear but feeling alone is probably one of the worst things to feel. (I don't mean for this post to sound at all patronising)

So the next time you see someone that looks like they're having a bad day, give them a smile, it goes a lot further than you probably think.. x
And if you are one of the lovely people that already do, then you're making a lot of people happy :)

Monday, 11 May 2015

Growing up...

For a while now I've been thinking about how much I've grown up in the last few years.. I've noticed things about myself that I never saw before, not all of them are good things but I guess no one's perfect right? When I was younger I used to look at pretty girls my age and think wow she's got everything, she looks so confident, she must be happy 24/7.. But the truth is that a lot of people have more to them than what you may at first realise and it's often the people that have been through/are going through a lot that look the happiest. I read a quote the other day 'some one is happy with less than what you've got' and I think there's so much truth in it. We all take so much for granted, if I said I didn't, I'd be lying. But there are things that are non replaceable to me and things that I wouldn't cope without. I'm not talking about materialistic things, I'm talking about memories, I'm talking about family and friends and the things that have moulded me into who I am. There are things that I'd change about my past without a doubt, but if I hadn't experienced those things, I wouldn't be who I am today. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes it just takes time to realise what the reason is.. x

Life's full of swings and roundabouts but with every one you experience, you learn something different, and that's what's so precious about it.. x

Friday, 9 January 2015

Here goes another term...

So, today I moved back to uni, in a way, because I'm starting a new term in a brand new year I feel like I can try and turn over a new leaf and start making positive changes to my life. I can start saying yes to things and attempt to have more faith in the choices I make. However, for me, that's like asking a pig to fly.. the thought of saying yes to things that I would never want to do terrifies me quite frankly.. but I'm getting to the point where I want to explore new opportunities and stop letting myself get so down about the fact that I won't go further than the doorstep because I'm too scared about what lies outside of it…  I just made that sound like I'm stark raving bonkers.. I'm not, I'm just a 20 year old girl who has never had the confidence to do what normal 20 year old girls do.. And I wish I could..  but that's just the way I am and I'm starting to try and accept that it's me.. it makes me individual. We all have differences, we all have things that make us us. If we were all the same it would be so boring right? Be happy in your own skin.. x

A few months ago I came across a You tuber called Zoella and it's her that's made me push myself to be a stronger person.. This video of hers inspired me to write this post.. You should check her out if you haven't already.. x

Just say yes x

I also love this make up bag from her beauty collection and I'm planning on investing on it soonies :) 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Out & About :)

I went to a shopping centre with my friend today and I loved the cute little shops along the cobbled streets so I took some photos of a few things that made me feel happy.. Life is about appreciating the little things I think so I enjoy finding happiness in the smallest of things.. I especially love the quote too! :) x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

My first post..

So… this is my first post on here, I don't really know where I'm going with this blog but I wanted somewhere I could post all my thoughts.. I've tried writing diaries before but they didn't really work out, this just seemed a bit more exciting I guess? I like the idea of coming and writing something that's on my mind every now and again, or posting something that interests me, or looking at other blogs which I like.
I'm a bit of a weird one, I don't really know what the future holds for me, but I know that everything happens for a reason, and that life is a crazy roller coaster that doesn't always go the way you're expecting it to.. most of the time it doesn't.. but life would be boring if everything went the way you wanted to all the time, don't you think? Life is full of surprises, sometimes good ones, others bad ones, that you can learn from, they make you a stronger person, and without them I don't think we'd appreciate everything we have in our lives…

That's all for now

Laura x