Monday, 11 May 2015

Growing up...

For a while now I've been thinking about how much I've grown up in the last few years.. I've noticed things about myself that I never saw before, not all of them are good things but I guess no one's perfect right? When I was younger I used to look at pretty girls my age and think wow she's got everything, she looks so confident, she must be happy 24/7.. But the truth is that a lot of people have more to them than what you may at first realise and it's often the people that have been through/are going through a lot that look the happiest. I read a quote the other day 'some one is happy with less than what you've got' and I think there's so much truth in it. We all take so much for granted, if I said I didn't, I'd be lying. But there are things that are non replaceable to me and things that I wouldn't cope without. I'm not talking about materialistic things, I'm talking about memories, I'm talking about family and friends and the things that have moulded me into who I am. There are things that I'd change about my past without a doubt, but if I hadn't experienced those things, I wouldn't be who I am today. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes it just takes time to realise what the reason is.. x

Life's full of swings and roundabouts but with every one you experience, you learn something different, and that's what's so precious about it.. x

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